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American Racing Wheels - Rims

All you have to say is Torq Thrust. American Racing invented the famous wheel. Today the original Torq thrust is duplicated, imitated and is the basic inspiration for many custom wheels. The Torq Thrust basically started the custom wheel craze that we see today. American Racing was there at the forefront of wheel design then and still is today. They offer a lot of different forged wheels of different styles and sizes. You can get an American Racing wheel to fit your car or truck - on road or off road.

American Racing is more than just the American Racing brand. They own several other wheel brands: Dale Jr., ATX, Vintage and Carroll Shelby wheels, Dropstars, Imola, Motegi Racing, TIS Modular and Weld racing. With all these brands, if you can't find an American Racing branded wheel, try one of their other brands.